Sthlm Food & Wine and Bak & Choklad

November 8-10th 2024

Welcome to this year’s big taste party!

Bring your friends and family to a unique experience day with new flavors in focus! It offers wine and food tastings, inspiration from famous chefs, champagne, delicious pastries and chocolates, tasty street food, beer, distillates and plenty of shopping opportunities.

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Discover Sthlm Food & Wine and Bak & Choklad

At Sthlm Food & Wine and Bak & Choklad you have the chance to discover everything worth knowing (and tasting) in food, wine, pastries, champagne, pralines, beer, distillates, street food and chocolate. All in one place

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Become an exhibitor

Do you also want to be part of the fantastic meeting place and success story that is Sthlm Food & Wine and Bak & Choklad? Book your stand today!

Opening hours and ticket prices

Here you can find opening hours and ticket prices for Sthlm Food & Wine and Bak & Choklad 2024.

Exhibitors of the highest quality

At Sthlm Food & Wine and Bak & Choklad you will meet exhibitors of the highest quality in the areas of food, drink, baking, chocolate and more. There’s something for everyone!

Prior to your visit

Located in Älvsjö, only 9 minutes from Stockholm City, you will find Stockholmsmässan. Here you will find practical information for
your visit.